Crazy Coding Capers

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. An untimely fall out of bed resulted in mama having a cast for the next two weeks.

Things have been going fairly well here. We’ve made some medication changes under the direction of Parker’s psychiatrist, and the resulting behavioral effects have been positive. Parker has been focused and interested in learning about anything he can get his hands on, including coding.

He recently made a calendar page of the month of February in hexadecimal. The conversions were all done in his head.

“Hexadecimal February”

And then there are the random dry erase notes on coding written on various items…

Excess-3 Code

Though not necessarily applicable knowledge for preschool life, the repeated writing by hand has been excellent for building hand strength and endurance!


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  1. I have been intrigued by the human brain most of my adult life in relation to the small amount of brain cells we humans normally utilize. Today I’m curious if the Parkers of the world are tapping into the areas of their brains the rest of u s allow to remain dormant. Anyone else have similar thoughts?

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